About Us

Welcome to the West Coast Tai Poutini RTLB Cluster. Our Cluster is on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It contains numerous rural primary schools and several small town primary and secondary schools. Area schools in isolated areas provide complete education from primary to secondary level. All schools in the region are coeducational.

The Cluster is placed along a narrow coastal strip to the West of the Southern Alps which rolls down into the Tasman Sea. The geographical features vary from mountains, hills, braided rivers,lakes, glaciers, pastures, forest and bush. We have office in Greymouth, Westport, Hokitika and Hari Hari and are blessed with a dedicated team of of 14 staff hosted by our Lead School Cobden.

RTLB provide itinerant specialist support to teachers and their students, in order to improve the educational outcomes in Year 1-10 for those with moderate learning and/or behaviour difficulties.

Schools may access the RTLB service to ensure that their teachers working with students who have learning or behaviour difficulties:

  • are supported appropriately
  • are up-skilled in teaching practices known to be helpful to a diverse group of students
  • have programmes offered that cater for the diverse needs and learning goals in their classrooms
  • have curriculum adapted in a way that is as inclusive and as unobtrusive as possible

Access to Service

Referrals may be made to the RTLB Service for individual students, groups of students or whole classes.  RTLB can also provide assistance for school-wide initiatives, if these referrals are aimed at addressing the needs of targeted students.