• Sabbatical report: How are RTLB clusters engaging with Communities of Learning?

    Wednesday, 20 June 2018

    Executive Summary This sabbatical inquiry aimed to identify the unique skills Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) possess which may enable them to effectively support partnerships with Communities Of Learning (COL). The second aim was to identify emerging RTLB practice with regard to COLs. Some RTLB Cluster Managers (CMs) are already engaging with COLs and developing new ways of managing current work alongside emerging work generated by COL engagement. This inquiry was undertaken now as there is an expectation for RTLB clusters to engage with COLs but there has been limited guidance of how this is to be achieved. CMs are in a unique position as they have to balance current RTLB work to support all schools within their clusters as well as a number of COLs at varying levels of formation. As more COLs become ready to engage with RTLB the urgency for RTLB clusters to have clear strategic vision on engaging becomes ever more important. COLs are not required to engage with us and currently do so by choice. The problem is that 40 RTLB clusters are responding individually to the local needs of the COL’s and schools they support. Due to this there is limited consistency or familiarity with solutions, in ways of achieving engagement. This summary sought to review generic RTLB skills and relate them to needs of COLs. Following this all CMs were surveyed to identify their clusters engagement with COLs and emergent practices and challenges were identified. The ultimate goal of this inquiry was to increase my own knowledge and understanding of the RTLB/ COL interface as well as share my findings with the other 39 CMs to assist a more consistent approach across New Zealand with regard to RTLB/ COL collaborations

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